Every day fresh, healthy, quality meals made from scratch.

In our schools we prepare over 11,000 meals daily for students ranging from pre-school children to high school seniors. Meals are always created on-site, from scratch, using the finest products. Our commitment is to provide traceable, local, and sustainable meals with a focus on seasonality.

Daily our skilled chefs prepare fresh meals centered around: high quality hormone-free and antibiotic-free proteins from plant and fish sources, whole grains, legumes, healthy fats and an abundance of colorful seasonal vegetables and fruits. Creating a unique and individualized dining experience reflective of each school's community.


We recognize the importance of the local food community.

Our Farm to School program is committed to providing our schools with ingredients that are locally sourced, sustainable and traceable. We procure seasonal fruits and vegetables, eggs, dairy products, legumes and cider from NY, NJ, CT & PA farms.

Local not only includes our network of farms, we also appreciate your schools' community; whether that means buying bread from a bakery around the corner or exploring neighborhood specialty foods.